Julia Dier
Psychotherapist in training under supervision

Procedure and costs

Individual therapy (50 Min.) 50€
Psychotherapeutic counselling (50 Min.) 50€
Parent counselling (50 Min.) 50€
Self-help groups for media addiction (only in German, 18+)
Flyer of the self-help group
free participation
Group therapy for minors with media addiction and a group for their relatives in Tulln (only in German)
Flyer of the group therapy

I offer a free first interview (about 50 Min.) so we can get to know each other for individual therapy. There is no first interview for counselling sessions.
The “Krankenkasse” does not reimburse any costs for treatments at psychotherapists in training under supervision.

Who can come to me?

I offer therapy for adults, teenagers and seniors in German and English. Currently I only treat children with problems related to addiction (media, alcohol, drugs).

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Which psychological complaints do I treat?

- Depressive and bipolar conditions, burn out
- Anxiety and panic
- Compulsion
- Addiction (Internet, shopping, online-games, gambling, sex addiction, alcohol, drugs)
- "therapy not punishment"
- Compulsive hoarding (also “digital hoarding “)
- Aggression issues
- Bullying/ harassment
- Psychosomatic problems (physical problems with a mental cause)
- Sleep disturbances
- Personality disorders
- Conduct disorders
- Problems with self-esteem
- Sexual dysfunction
- Sexual preference disorder
- Impulse control disorder
- Identity issues
- trauma/ traumatic stress
- Acute stress, e.g. death of a loved one or following the end of a relationship
- Asperger-syndrome
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