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About me

Julia Dier
I found my way to my present job in 2012, where I got in touch with the Asperger-syndrome. I was allowed to work with a large number of patients with a vast variety of mental problems/ disorders since. I have learnt from my experiences that I am especially interested in behavioral addictions and effected people.

Current professional occupations

- psychotherapist i.A.u.S. in own practice in Tulln and Vienna
- psychotherapist i.A.u.S. at PASS in Vienna (psychotherapy court conditions)
- psychotherapist i.A.u.S. at the Psychoptherapeutic outpatient clinic for children and adolescents in Vienna, Sigmund Freud University Vienna in collaboration with the Kinderhilfswerk
- psychotherapist and coordinator of the therapy and counselling center for behavioral concerns in Vienna.
- speaker for Saferinternet


- Bachelor studies in psychotherapy science at the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna (studied in English)
- psychotherapeutical “Propädeutikum“
- “Fachspezifikum“ psychoanalysis (ongoing)
- Magister studies in psychotherapy science (ongoing)
- university course for child and youth therapy (ongoing)

Practical experiences

- Moderation of a self-help group for media-addiction
- psychotherapist i.A.u.S. in the psychotherapeutic clinic of the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna
- project „Entlastungsdienst“ by the „Autistenhilfe Wien“ (a center specialized institution for helping autistic people in Vienna)
- psychotherapist in training under supervision (i.A.u.S.) from the department of stationary psychotherapy at Landesklinikum Tulln
- Summer camp at “Wienerwald Initiativregion Neulengbach” for children and teenagers with behavioral disorders
- Psychosocial care of two inmates at the penal institution in Korneuburg
- Internship at the psychosomatic center Waldviertel, department for post-traumatic stress disorders
- Internship in the psychosocial department of the Landeskrankenhaus Hollabrunn
- Internship in the depression department at the county hospital Bayreuth, Germany
- Support of a young wheelchair user
- Internship at the Autistenhilfe Wien
- Assistance for a therapeutic group for seniors
- Internship at the clinic of the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna
- Gap year abroad as an Au-Pair for children with Asperger-autism
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